Dear Bruce,

Firstly, I hope that you are making money from the
companies and web sites that you display in your
book, I have visited a number of the sites and
bought some items, there is also a lot of free info.

Bruce, Good luck with this first book and all the
other books that you produce.

Kevin Burke
Melbourne, Victoria


Dear Mr. Simpson,

I bought your book thinking that it would just be
another money wasting effort, Boy, was I wrong!

Mr. Simpson, I would like to place on record my
strongest recommendation to anyone considering
selling their home or business, to purchase your
book, "Selling Your Home". For such a low, low
price, in fact, it costs me more for a visit to the
local cinema for my wife & I and for all the benefits
we received, it was a steal.

Geoffrey G. Hall
Hall Photographics & Graphics